Autobedrijf Sloetjes has been around for more than 50 years

It was on February 1, 1965 that the young Jan Sloetjes from Winterswijk started his business on the Terborgseweg in Dinxperlo. In the very beginning, this business was no more than a gas station with a small workshop. But it didn’t stop there, soon the demand for good cars started to grow and the first auto shows were organized. This happened in the local community center and the sports hall, as at that time there was not a showroom yet.

From this very beginning, one thing was very clear, people will know us for our honest, reliable cars with low mileage. And that’s something we will hold on to.
Through the years the car company has continuously expanded and optimized itself. A huge satisfied customer base has been build, and we are very proud of that. Because of an efficient workshop with the right people and professional tools, we can keep our customers mobile at affordable rates.

The showroom these days is no longer only reachable for people in the direct surroundings of Dinxperlo. Because of our digital showroom we can help people from the whole country and beyond when searching for the perfect car for their situation. Also the commercial vehicle market has become increasingly important for us. We deliver and maintain commercial vehicles up to 3,5 tons. These vehicles can be adjusted entirely tot he wishes of the entrepreneur.