Do you want to sell your old-timer or classic car?
You don’t feel like having strangers at the door, all those phone calls, viewers but no buyers or all the other “hassle” around it?
Or are you unable to get your oldtimer or classic car sold?

Sloetjes Classic Cars is your solution when it comes to selling your oldtimer.

We can help you sell your classic car in various ways. This way we can purchase the car directly or take it on consignment. Every year we sell many cars from or on behalf of customers. We specialize in this and are happy to unburden you.


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Purchase of your oldtimer
We are always looking for interesting vintage cars and classics for sale. If you want to offer us your oldtimer or classic car (or a collection), please fill in the form. You will always receive a response from us.

Consignment of Oldtimers is free!
Of course, your proceeds from sale in consignment are higher than when we buy the car directly from you.
Sloetjes Classic Cars is a family business. We work on the basis of trust and consider a personal approach important. Especially because selling your beloved classic car is not an everyday activity for you.

Over the years we have specialized in the sale of vintage cars in top condition. We do not only focus on the Dutch market, but mainly on the European market. We supply our cars to private individuals and regular customers as well as garage companies in The Netherlands and abroad.

We are happy to sell your oldtimer for you. You are guaranteed to pay no costs for this.

It offers you a lot of convenience and benefits:

  1. Your garage / storage facility is immediately available.
  2. We guarantee a personal treatment.
  3. Your oldtimer is stored safely and dry in our showroom.
  4. You only have to bring your oldtimer, no further hassle.
  5. You do business with an officially recognized company in The Netherlands.
  6. Your car is offered on the market in a professional manner by enthusiasts.
  7. Buyers can trade in their own oldtimer at Sloetjes Classic Cars on your car. Experience shows that many customers want to trade in a car, which is often difficult for a private individual. By making trade-in possible, the sales opportunity becomes much better.
  8. Sloetjes Classic Cars takes care of all paper and financial settlement correctly.
  9. But most importantly, you can take advantage of the enormous network of international relations and advertisements both on the internet and in magazines throughout Europe.

Why should I sell my car through Sloetjes Classic Cars and not sell it myself?
Every oldtimer is unique. As specialists, we know how to offer your car and more importantly to whom we should offer it. It may well be that your car may be less popular in one country, but it is all the more popular in another. We at Sloetjes Classic Cars have this knowledge thanks to our many years of experience as a classic car dealer. It is well known that the sales cycle of a vintage car or classic can be long. We take away all concerns about advertisements, sales, all communication, agreements and annoyance caused by promises not kept by so-called interested parties. We also ensure the correct and correct handling of the payment and registration papers. All that will cost you nothing, all you have to do is bring the car to us. With us, the chance of success of selling your classic car is 90% within 12 months.

How does it work?

  1. You bring the car in clean and polished condition to our showroom in Dinxperlo. Do not forget to bring your registration papers and any available history of the car (maintenance invoices etc.).
  2. We check the car and determine the value together with you.
  3. When we agree, we draw up an agreement. We leave it up to you whether you keep the papers of the car at home or whether you hand them over to us. If you give the papers to us, they will go into the safe. You will of course remain the owner of the car.
  4. We make the well-known extensive photo report of your car and place those photos on our website. We also make a sales plan and we will offer your car through advertisements and websites at home and abroad.
  5. If the car is sold, we will transfer the agreed amount to your bank account.
  6. We prepare all documents for the purchasing customer, put the car on transport if desired, and send the seller the indemnity by post.

Are there extra costs for selling my oldtimer?
NO. There are no additional costs. You also remain the owner of the car until the moment of sale. This means that you must continue to insure the car and that repairs to your car (e.g. an empty battery) or any mandatory inspection are your costs. Repairs are only made to cars after we have your permission.

What are the merits of Sloetjes Classic Cars then?
We advertise your car with a premium above the price that you want to receive. These additional returns are our earnings that we need to cover our costs such as the rent of the showroom, personnel costs and the like. It’s that simple.

Fill in the form! You will always receive a message from us.
Depending on your offer and pricing, we will purchase your car
or propose to sell your car for you in consignment.
You can also call us directly for a proposal: 0031- (0) 611967689